What films do you offer? What's the difference?
There are 3 main types of wedding films that I offer...
Social Media Teasers - Think of these as a quick 1-minute highlight reel, that's perfect for you to tease your friends with over social media. You'll typically receive this a soon as 1 week after your wedding!
Highlight Films - These wedding films are much as they sound. Essentially a highlight film is an accumulation of footage that includes all the key events of your day, yet doesn't run in chronological order - it's spontaneous! A typical highlight film lasts in-between 4-6 minutes & is also the most popular type of film that I make. 
Feature Film -  In many ways, it's the ultimate wedding film. Reason being that unlike my other films, a Feature Film runs in chronological order and includes all the small details that make your day really come alive.
In these films you'll not only get more shots of your Bridal prep, ceremony, first dance, and speeches. But you'll also get more footage of the Groom prep, more footage of your guests, and even some shots from your pre-wedding shoot!
* Not sure what one of these is? Read the next question...
What is a pre-wedding shoot? & do I need one?

A pre-wedding shoot is much as it sounds... a shoot that takes place before your wedding, and serves as a warm-up to your BIG day.


A part of my packages that I'd recommend you pay extra attention to, especially if you're camera-shy. Reason being that doing a pre-wedding shoot, can actually influence the overall quality of your final footage. Remember: confidence in-front of the camera is key! So aside from capturing your last few moments as boyfriend & girlfriend, you can also ensure that come you wedding, you act natural & remain authentically 'you'. 


Depending on the package you book, this may or may not be included (worth noting). In the case of my Gold/ Ruby packages, a pre-wedding shoot is included.

Are you willing to travel? Travel Cost?
Yes! I absolutely love to travel! 
My policy on travel is as follows: 
If your venue is 2+ hours away from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, then a starting fee of at least £200+ will apply to cover both travel & accommodation. This is a fee that I will calculate myself and make you aware of upon booking. 
If we book you, but then later have to back out, do you charge a withdrawal fee?

After our 1st initial call, signed the contract and paid the deposit. You have 14 days to request a refund. You will get a full refund of the deposit within that 14 days of paying the deposit. 

After the 14days the booking fee is non-refundable.

So if you cancel your wedding for whatever reason, you will not get this back. However, should you plan to reschedule your wedding and let me know more than 5 weeks in advance, I will allow you to move your date free of charge. Providing of course I have that date free.

You're a Yorkshire wedding videographer... but will you cover weddings abroad?

While I am based in South Yorkshire, destination weddings are something I'm open to. In fact, the thought of a wedding abroad never fails to excite me! So yes, if you're planning your celebration abroad, and are on the hunt for a videographer to capture every moment, then do reach out to me via my Contact Form.

I see you incorporate drone footage. How much does this cost?


As a way of giving you BIG day a more cinematic touch, I do offer the option of drone footage. This is something that you will need to specify when picking out your package. However with that being said, it is an extra that most of my couples opt for, as it gives the final film a real 'documentary' feel.

Plus, it allows you to make the most of your venue too, by capturing it from virtually every angle. For any stately home weddings especially, drone footage is a 'must'. For more info, be sure to check out my Packages page & look for the heading 'Additional Extras'. 

Have you ever worked with my photographer?

Perhaps - my answer to that really all really depends on whereabouts you live in the UK.

Being a Yorkshire wedding videographer, I have worked with quite a few photographers across the North. So if you're a local, then there's a good chance my answer will be "yes". Equally, if you're from further South or part of Scotland, then there's chance that my response could match. Previously, I've shot alongside photographers from Gloucester and Kent.

Saying that, if you are at all worried about the photographer/ videographer relationship at your wedding, I do offer a Joint Package (2 in fact) where I document your day with one of Yorkshire's most popular wedding photographers. Want me to reveal her identity? Get In Touch.

Some of your packages say we get 2 videographers. But who's videographer No2?

When it comes to the 'second' videographer, that really does depend.

I have a list of trusted videographers that also adopt a similar cinematic style of filming, which I will call upon in the case that you specify a package with 2 videographers. Something I really do recommend. 

The reason is that a second videographer allows us to achieve even more in the way of depth. So aside from shots of the Bridal prep, ceremony & after party, we can also get footage of the Groom prep, a second angle at the ceremony, speeches, and much more varied coverage of your evening doo. Something I'd say's worth considering, especially if you're throwing a particularly large celebration.

Do we own the copyright to the final video?

I'm afraid not. 

As the creator, I retain full legal ownership of any films I produce. Sales, use commercially or any sort of publication is not allowed unless you have permission from me to do so. 

However, I will of course provide you with access to the films at all times + let you know when I plan on sharing them. Speaking of which...

* Please note: Because I invest so much time in creating wedding films, I do usually share a couple of snippets over social media, as well as display a few (here) on my website. In case you're not happy with your films being shared online, then I'll be honest -  I may not be the right videographer for you. 

Sure you get asked this a lot, but... how long does editing take?

Yep - as a wedding videographer, I get asked this all the time. 

Typically edits will take between 12-21 weeks as stated on my contract. However, depending on the level of demand I experience in the months following your BIG day, edits could take slightly longer. In which case, I ask you to bear with me, as doing things 'slap dash' just isn't part of my ethos. 

You mention a deposit - how much exactly?

With weddings not being the cheapest of occasions, I understand that a giant deposit isn't going to be ideal.  Although, at the same time I do require you to make one in order to secure your date.

So just to be clear, the deposit I ask for is 20% of your chosen package. 

Can I book you for projects other than weddings? If so, how should I go about it?



While wedding videography is my forte, I am of course eager to talk about other projects too. In the past I've done videos for automative and commercial, so don't let my fascination with wedding videography get in the way. Get In Touch.