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I’m Krysler Soriano – a Yorkshire wedding videographer (based in Sheffield), who specialises in creating cinematic wedding films that preserve each & every memory of your BIG day.

Take it from me, when you put SO much effort into tying the knot, the least you can do is capture it as it unfolds, in high defintion.

Hence why I’ve dedicated an entire page of my website to explaining why…

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Is a videographer worth it for a wedding?

100% – and I’m not just saying that because I’m a Yorkshire wedding videographer myself.

Really look at it & wedding videography is essentially photography 2.0. So while photography does capture memories and in many ways, the emotion of your day, professional wedding videography takes all of that 1 step further. How, comes back to the one major advantage that you get with videography – movement.

You see, although you might not think it, we actually say an awful lot by the way we move. Hence why body language is such a giveaway when it comes to flirtation. Movement in itself is a strong sign of chemistry! So much so, that a couple’s movement is often a telltale sign as to whether they’re a good match. And it’s this where I feel videography has the edge over your conventional photography… especially @ a wedding!

Plus, the whole point of getting your day professionally documented is so that, once it’s over, you can rekindle the magic all over again. Perhaps with your Grandkids later down the line or just the two of you on your anniversary. An experience that’s SO much more immersive when done through a video.

Don’t get me wrong, a ream of stills is great & something that every couple should have. But it has to be said that, when it comes to reliving the day, you can’t get more vivid than a cinematic wedding film, 

How much does it cost to have a videographer at your wedding?

Tough question.

You see, when it comes to finding a wedding videographer in Yorkshire, there’s a lot of factors that affect the price. Reason being that each videographer will have…

  • Their own unique style (mine’s cinematic)
  • They’ll also have their own portfolio too (Check out my Wedding Videography Portfolio here)
  • Their own lineup of camera kit. All of which will require regular maintenance (I use a Canon R6 + a drone)
  • Travel costs & expenses which are likely to differ depending on location.
  • Their own level of availability. Those in high demand will likely charge a more premium price. 

And that’s just it. When you’re booking wedding videography, you’re not just paying for a film. You’re paying for a videographer. Exactly why putting a precise figure on such a thing is almost impossible, as each wedding videographer in Yorkshire is different in their own right.

So really, how much it costs to have a videographer at your wedding, is up to you. 

Just here for a rough number? Check out my wedding videography packages below...


£ 1400
  • Full Day Coverage
  • 1 Videographer (2 Cameras)
  • 4-6 Min Highlight Film (+ 2 Additional Films)
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£ 2000
  • Full Day Coverage
  • 2 Videographers
  • 4-6 Min Highlight Film (+ 4 Additional Films)
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Spotting a reliable wedding videographer isn’t always easy. However, that doesn’t mean we’re a rare breed. Yep – I say “we’re” a rare breed because I’d like to think I fall under that category. Although with that being said, not all videographers are as dependable.

So, to increase your chances of finding ‘the one’ (i.e. a Yorkshire wedding videographer who you can rely on), here’s just a few handy tips on how to tell a good videographer from the bad…

  • 5 star reviews – Sounds obvious, but it’s something a lot of couples miss & yet, shouldn’t. You see, an amazing showreel (while great) isn’t a direct sign of reliability or good customer service. For all you know, the couple in the showreel could be close friends who’ve agreed to dress up and not a paying client. So taking 5 minutes to glance through a videographer’s reviews, is a good habit to get into.
  • Their kit is professional – Another easy way to spot a reliable videographer would be to quiz them on their equipment & ask them why they use it. Get an answer that doesn’t sound memorised or like part of a textbook & chances are, they’re clued up technically – i.e. a capable filmmaker. Also, asking them what kit they used for specific videos might be a wise idea too, as the last thing you want is to be misled by a showreel that’s peppered with optional extras. For instance, a lot of videographers (including me) do our best to incorporate drone footage. A perk that almost always comes as an optional extra.
  • Their word is their bond – Arranging a meeting with a videographer is another way to gauge their level of commitment. If they’re punctual, then there’s a good chance that it’s a reflection of how they’ll be with you as a customer. And in the case that they’re running late, those who get in contact to say they’ll be late, rather than leaving you in the dark, also deserve a special mention too. After all, politeness costs nothing!
  • Industry reputation – It’s only natural that reliable videographers will attract a crowd. So, should you see a videographer working alongside well-known photographers or being featured in high-end publications, then chances are they’re a professional you can trust. Turns out that old saying isn’t far wrong –  birds of a feather, flock together.
  • Online presence – One of the simplest ways to find a reputable wedding videographer is judging them on their online brand & marketing style. Take it from me – videographers who’re overly ‘salesy’ online, tend to be pretty much the same in person. That’s their style. So, if you’re after a certain type of person to be your videographer, then judging them on their online presence is actually a pretty reliable way of making a shortlist. Finding this page useful? Then you may have already found a contender…

When should I book my wedding videography?

Ask me and that’s a bit of a silly question, as the answer is pretty much ASAP.

Now obviously, I’m not in any way saying that you should make choosing your wedding videographer a snap decision. Fact is, it’s one of the most important decisions you’ll make, so getting it right is crucial. However at the same time, I do know first-hand how fast dates can get booked up. So I’d encourage you not to take too much time coming to decision. In other words, make booking your videographer a priority. The more in advance your booking, the more likely you are to secure the videographer of your choice!

* I hate to disappoint any couple who enquires with me, but fact is that it’s something I’ve had to do on quite a few occasions, simply because another couple came to a decision faster. 



As reiterated above, when choosing a videographer, the price really all depends on the filmmaker themselves - although location can have an affect. 


With virtually everything in or around London coming with the 'London Premium', it is likely that a wedding videographer based in the South will be a more pricey option. The main reason from what I can see being living & business expenses. So if you are from the South & looking for a skilled wedding videographer, then trying your luck with Yorkshire wedding videographers (like me) may be a wise idea.


Although, if you choose to do so, be sure to bear in mind that hiring a Yorkshire wedding videographer will likely come with more additional expenses in terms of travel & perhaps even accommodation. But with that being said, if the work of a Northern videographer is your favourite, then it may be worth paying that bit extra.


While there's no right or wrong answer to this, as fancy equipment doesn't equal skill, I'd say every videographer should at least have...

  • A quality DSLR camera with a high quality camera body (my weapon of choice is a Canon R6 that retails for over £2k!)
  • A good gimbal for stability and smooth footage (while they're expensive, they're very much now 'the standard' nowadays)
  • Good quality audio equipment (preferably something portable that can be tucked inside the Groom's pocket).

Us wedding videographers arrive early.


I make sure to arrive around 1 hour before the ceremony begins. Sometimes this will be even earlier depending on the structure of your day. After all, no 2 weddings are the same. 


Rough setup time for a videographer should only be around 15 minutes. The rest I then allocate to scouting out the venue for possible shots & preparing to capture the all-important Bride/ Groom prep.


You can indeed. 


In fact, I offer 2 packages where you can do exactly this! My Platinum & Ruby packages are both done in partnership with one of Yorkshire's most sought after wedding photographers. 


That way you can not only book your photography & videography all in one go (a HUGE timesaving). But you can also be confident that there won't be any issues in terms of the photographer-videographer relationship. Because we've shot together a lot, we know each other's style more or less back to front.


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In the 90s perhaps not, but now, in the 21st century, you most certain do! The days of unstable camcorder footage are over.

As I said above, wedding videography is practically photography 2.0, so not to at least consider capturing your wedding through film, is (if you ask me) a bit old fashioned. Why? Here's 3 good reasons...

  • Motion - Fact is, that as great as photos are, they're still. And yet, how we move reveals so much about our emotions. Hence why all the best wedding photographers are known for capturing the 'action' - i.e. they capture those spurts of movement that get your heart racing. Something you can do a whole lot more of with video.
  • Atmosphere - This is what your entire wedding day is designed to create - an atmosphere that's not only warm and inviting, but memorable too. This is the reason you invite all your guests, and crucially, something you can capture in all its glory via video.
  • Sound - When it comes to weddings, audio is one thing that we take so seriously, and yet when it comes to documenting our wedding we tend to forget. No photo can play back our bated breath as we walk down the aisle, nor replay the laughter & jokes of the evening doo. All of which are memories in themselves - ones that help make your wedding coverage so much more immersive.

* Please note: I do not have anything against photographers. In fact, back in the day I used to be one! Hence why I believe that in order to achieve the best coverage, investing in both wedding videography & photography is the way to go. Want to do just that? Check out my Joint Packages.