Yorkshire Wedding Videographer Launches New Website!!

Hey there!

I see you’ve taken 5 minutes to have a snoop around my blog… wise decision. As here is going to be the place where I do my very best to answer your burning questions & crucially, pass on snippets of my videography know-how. 

Who knows – become a regular reader and you may even think about taking it up as a hobby yourself. Or hiring me to shoot your BIG day. 

But first, before we get into any specific videography topics, I thought it best to answer a few FAQs you’ll likely have, and help you find your way around my (brand new) website!

So think of this more as an introduction. A way of us getting aquainted.

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    What's with the new website?

    Glad to see that you’ve noticed. 

    But yes, as sudden as it’s all come about, there is good reason behind this website, beyond just looking fresh.

    In fact, there’s quite a few! So to help you understand why I’ve gone through all the effort (& expense) of creating this site, here’s 3 reasons why ksfilms.co.uk has been born… 

    • To showcase my work – Now while Instagram is probably my favourite of all the social media platforms, in 2022 it is a bit ‘run of the mill’; everybody under the sun now has an IG account. What’s more, being a wedding videographer, I want you (my couples) to be able to view my films in the highest possible resolution – i.e. the way they were intended to be viewed! Something you can’t do via Instagram because of the sheer amount of video compression they apply to each post. Something that as a videographer, aggravates me to the core.
    • A bespoke experience – As great as social media is, when you’re investing in a high value service, you expect (cough) deserve something bespoke. That’s because, just like when receiving a present at Christmas, a good portion of the impact is in the packaging & the opening experience. And that’s exactly what I aim to give you with this site – a  bespoke & memorable customer experience that (crucially), you enjoy. Call me old fashioned, but booking videography for what is the biggest day of your life, via DM, just doesn’t seem right.
    • Couple relations – Today we live very busy lives, not to mention when we’ve an entire wedding to plan. So I know just how important it is (for both of us) to get to the point fast. Hence my rather thorough looking Contact Form & why I want to know everything about your BIG day. Equip me with this information & it saves us having an email rally to determine your requirements. 

    How come I see no other wedding videographers with a site like this?

    Okay, so I do have a trick up my sleeve.

    You see, when it comes to websites, there’s 2 ways to go about it. Do it yourself a risk making a mess – both from a design & technical standpoint. Or you can go all out & hire a professional developer. So, as you can hopefully tell, I chose the latter.

    Hence why this website looks so unique. Opposed to just being a stock template like you’d get with Shopify, Squarespace or Wix site, it’s been custom built for me! Although, it has been designed with you in mind too.

    So aside form being easy on the eyes & a breeze to navigate, it’s also fast too. Very fast. Details that I hope will make your time browsing this site a memorable experience.

    Can I see a sample of your work?

    You most certainly can.

    And with this being my website, you can do so right here. There’s no redirects to Instagram or need to request samples via email.

    Simply take a trip over to my Wedding Videography Gallery


    You seem an interesting guy - where can I find out more about you?

    Yet again, with this being my official website, finding out more about me is just a click away.

     If you fancy really delving deep into why I’ve become a wedding videographer & also understanding my journey to present, then you need to check out my About Page

    How did you realise that wedding videography was your strong point?

    Now that’s an interesting one.

    You see, realising that videography was the way for me, wasn’t as easy as it might seem. Truth be told, I went through an awful lot of trial & error in order to reach this ‘realisation’.

    However, the main step of my journey that prepared me for being a wedding videographer, was of course my interest in cameras and photography. And that’s because while videography is by no means the same as photography, there are a surprising amount of similarities which can be drawn in-between the two. Here’s 3…

    • Both fall back on roughly the same in terms of theory. Colour, aperture, composition etc.
    • Both revolve around skilled camera operation
    • Lighting control & placement is a crucial

    And that’s what made the trasnition from photography to wedding videography – dare I say it – actually quite natural. Granted, learning about audio was a bit of a leap, as was getting used to this new style of editing. But apart from that, it wasn’t actually that difficult, as the core principles are much the same. 

    I like to think of it as a level-up from photography, opposed to something completely different. Looking back, I don’t know why I was so nervous.

    Final words...

    Okay, so that’s me and this website in a nutshell. 

    In the case you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read, please do go for a peek around the rest of my site – search it from top to bottom.

    And if you wish to get to know me a bit better, hit me up using my contact form.


    Until the next one,